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HUTCHINSON TRANSMISSION SYSTEMS develops and manufactures complete drive systems incorporating ribbed belts, linear tensioners, thermo set pulleys, idlers, and decoupling pulleys. As a market leader, Hutchinson is working with the largest OEMs in the Domestic Appliance, Automotive, Agricultural and Industrial fields such as Quarrying and Mining, Agriculture, Food Processing, Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation, Hand Tools, Exercise Equipment …

Products & Services

  • Poly V Belt
  • Poly V
  • Polyv
  • Flexonic
  • Belt Drive
  • Drive Belts
  • Pulley
  • Ribbed
  • Trapezoidal
  • Synchronous
  • Elastic
  • Flexible
  • Belt Tension
  • Rubber Belts
  • Hutchinson
  • Power Transmission Belt
  • Compressor Belt
  • Stretchy Belt
  • Belt For Conveying

Product Brands

  • Poly V
  • Flexonic
  • Conveyxonic
Year Established 1980
Market Sectors Industrial,Commercial
Business Type Manufacturer
Certification iso 9001

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